Fat Boys Tire & Auto is proud to offer another service for multi-axle trucks and commercial trucking companies in the tri-state region. Starting this spring, the Fat Boys Truck Center in Cheyenne will be providing heavy duty alignments, which will allow fleets to improve fuel economy and driver safety, while decreasing tire costs. 

By quickly diagnosing tread wear without unhooking trailers, our lazer-guided, self-centering HD alignment sensors will also save companies valuable time, while helping to solve many common handling problems, creating less resistance, increasing tire longevity, and helping to fight driver fatique associated with misaligned tires and wheels. Industry experts estimate fleets could save up to 2% on annual fuel costs and increase tire life up to 20% by insuring multi-axle trucks and trailers are properly aligned every 10,000 miles or 12 months. 

Heavy duty alignments are one of many services that Fat Boys offers commercial fleets and trucking companies. We are also one of the few businesses  in the region to provide a 250-ton solid-tire press for forklifts and other industrial vehicles. For more information about our HD Alignment services, contact the Fat Boys Truck Center at (307) 632-5544, or via e-mail: [email protected]