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At Fat Boys Tire & Auto, you can count on expert advice, an honest deal, and quality work that’s done right the first time. Our reputation is backed by generations of loyal customers and hundreds of excellent reviews.

Fat Boys also offers a complimentary courtesy shuttle, with free pick-up and delivery service within a 10-mile radius of each store.

Fat Boys offers convenient online scheduling options with contact-free key drop off.

Fat Boys is proud to offer our customers clean stores, restrooms, and waiting rooms.

Fat Boys offers easy financing options for all repairs over $149.



Electrical Repair Questions and Answers

  • What Are The Most Common Electrical Problems?

    Among the thousands of electrical components in your vehicle, alternators and batteries are the most common culprits of trouble. While dead batteries can sometimes be recharged, corroded cables and failing alternators can prevent your battery from recharging. Other common electrical issues include blown fuses, dirty spark plugs, and defective starters.

  • How Can I Tell If My Alternator Is Going Out?

    One telltale sign that your alternator may need to be repaired or replaced is your headlights. If you notice your headlights dim while driving, it could be an indication that the alternator is not charging your battery properly.

  • Does My Dashboard Warning Light Mean I Have a Serious Problem?

    Not always. Often the source of a dashboard warning light can easily be diagnosed and repaired. Unfortunately, some drivers choose to ignore or dismiss warnings from their vehicle’s dashboard diagnostic system, which can lead to bigger and more expensive problems down the road.

  • If My Vehicle Has Trouble Idling, Could That Be An Electrical Issue?

    Yes. Rough idling and unusual jerking or lurching could be the result of loose or defective spark plugs.

  • What Are The Signs I Have A Blown Fuse?

    If an interior light or turn signal stops working, chances are you probably have a blown fuse. However, if your power windows won’t roll up, it could be a more complex motor or wiring issue.