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Suspension Questions and Answers

  • How Often Should I Replace My Shocks or Struts?

    Depending on your vehicle and your driving habits, you will probably need to service your shocks or struts sometime between 50,000 and 100,000 miles. Regular inspections during routine maintenance can help diagnose potential issues before they become bigger problems.

  • What Are The Signs That My Suspension Needs Inspection?

    The most common warning signs that your suspension may need inspection include difficulty braking, cornering, handling, or steering, along with veering or drifting to the side, or bouncing after you encounter a road hazard. Fluid or grease leaking for your suspension system can also indicate that your shocks or struts may need to be replaced.

  • What Potential Warning Sounds Should I Listen For And What Do They Mean?

    There are several sounds that could indicate a problem with your suspension. If you hear a knocking sound, it could be an issue with your ball joints, shocks, or struts. If you hear a clanking sound, it could be an issue with your control arm or stabilizer. If you hear a squeaking sound, it could be an issue with your wheel bearings.

  • What Should I Look For If I Run Over A Pothole?

    Potholes can do serious damage to your suspension system, along with your tires, wheels, and exhaust. If you notice a change in handling, or any unusual sounds or vibrations, an inspection can diagnose damage to your ball joints, shocks, or struts. We also recommend inspecting your suspension system if you are involved in an accident.

  • How Can I Test My Suspension System At Home?

    The best way to notice any potential suspension problems is to pay attention the way your vehicle sounds and handles. A test drive is the easiest way to diagnose possible issues.

    Another method is the “bounce test”. After putting your vehicle in park, push down on the fender above the tires and wheels. If your vehicle continues to bounce up and down, you may need to replace your struts.

    The “shake down” test can also help diagnose issues with your tie rods and ball joints. With the parking brake on, use a jack to lift your vehicle off the ground, then shake the tire. If you notice any excessive movement, your suspension system may need to be adjusted.