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Flat Repair Questions and Answers

  • How Can I Tell If My Flat Tire Can Be Patched?

    In order to properly inspect a flat tire, our techs remove the tire from the rim to thoroughly check for structural damage. If a puncture is located in the middle of the tire tread, it may be possible to patch or plug the tire. However, if the sidewall is punctured, the tire will likely need to be replaced.

  • What Should I Do If My Tire Pressure Warning Light Comes On?

    Most vehicles made after 2006 are equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System that will alert you when one of your tires is underinflated. If your tire pressure warning light comes on, do not ignore it. Pull over when you can, check your tire pressure, and add air as needed. The warning light should automatically go off within 10 miles after re-inflating your tires. If the warning light persists, the TPMS sensor may need to be replaced or your tire may need to be inspected for additional leaks and punctures.

  • What Are The Most Common Causes Of A Flat Tire?

    Along with punctures and structural damage to your tires, the most common cause of a flat is a leaky or loose valve stem. In other cases, air can leak from the bead, which connects the edge of the tire to the wheel rim. Leakage between the tire bead and rim can especially be a problem for vehicles with aluminum wheels.

  • Is It Possible To Over-Inflate My Tires?

    Just as driving on underinflated tires can be dangerous, putting too much air in your tires can also cause problems. Overinflation can result in increased wear, decreased tractor, and in some cases, can create bulges in the tire, making it more susceptible to hazards and debris. Since the computerized tire pressure monitoring system will only warn you when tires are underinflated, it’s important to follow the recommended tire pressure guidelines in your vehicle owner’s manual.

  • Does Road Hazard Protection Cover Flat Repairs?

    Fat Boys offers an optional road hazard warranty on passenger and light truck tires. The tire protection plan includes free flat repair for three years along with flat tire changing assistance. This coverage also insures your purchase from any damage incurred by a road hazard during the course of normal driving for 36 months.