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Brake Repair Questions and Answers

  • How Often Should I Have My Brakes Inspected?

    Minor problems in your braking system can turn into complicated and costly repairs down the road. We recommend a comprehensive brake inspection every year.

  • How Often Should I Change Brake Pads?

    Most manufacturers advise changing your brake pads every 50,000 miles. We also suggest scheduling an appointment whenever your dashboard warning light comes on, your brakes begin to vibrate, you need to brake harder in order to stop, or you notice any unusual grinding or squeaking noises.

  • How Can I Tell If My Brakes Need Service?

    Along with paying attention to warning lights, vibrations, and noises, inspecting your brake pads can also help determine when and if it’s time for service. If the pads located on the rotor of your wheel are less than 1/4 inch thick, they will probably need to be replaced soon. Replacing worn brake pads can help avoid damage to calipers, rotors, and other more expensive components of your vehicle’s braking system.

  • When Do My Brake Lines Need To Be “Bled”?

    Monitoring and maintaining proper brake fluid levels helps keep your hydraulic brake lines functioning properly. Leaking fluid can also allow air to leak inside the brake lines, which can cause your entire braking system to fail. That’s why it’s important to “bleed your brakes” in the event of a leak. A good rule of thumb is to refill your brake fluid reservoir as needed and let a professional handle other issues with your hydraulic brake lines.

  • What Are Some Other Signs That My Brakes Need Service?

    If your vehicle is jerking or pulling to one side when you come to a stop, there could be a problem with your braking or suspension systems. If the front end of your vehicle dips when you hit the brake pedal, it could be a signal that your wheels are out of balance, and if you notice a strange burning odor coming from your tires or brake pads, the smell could be a warning that your brakes need to be inspected or repaired.