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Lift Kit Questions and Answers

  • Do You Sell Leveling + Lift Kits?

    Fat Boys stocks and installs custom leveling kits from Rugged Off Road and we install lowering and lift kits from dozens of other manufacturers.

  • What’s The Difference Between A Leveling Kit and a Lift Kit?

    In most trucks, the rear end sits lower than the front end. Typically, a leveling kit lifts the front of the vehicle, while a lift kit will raise the height of your entire vehicle. Both leveling and lift kits can increase the ground clearance and allow for bigger tires, while a leveling kit can add additional wheel well space and help balance the weight of a winch or a plow.

  • What Are The Different Types Of Lift Kits?

    Lift kits are divided into two categories. A body lift kit will raise the height of the vehicle without modifying the suspension underneath it. A suspension lift kit raises the height and the clearance underneath the vehicle. Body lifts are generally limited to between 1 and 3 inches in added height, whereas a suspension lift kit can raise a truck over 10 inches.

  • How Much Extra Clearance Will A Leveling or LIft Kit Give Me?

    One of the major reasons to lift or add a level to your truck is to create more clearance for driving on rough roads or off road. A leveling kit will typically add about three inches of clearance to the front end. A body lift kit raises the height of the vehicle but not the clearance underneath the truck. Suspension lift kits are usually more expensive and can add up to foot or more of height and clearance.

  • How High Can I Lift My Truck?

    There are legal limits to how tall your truck can stand. In Colorado, the maximum height is 13 feet, compared to 14 feet in Wyoming and 14 feet, six inches in Nebraska. Along with legal limitations, a lifted truck can dramatically affect handling and steering and, in some cases, can void your vehicle’s warranty.