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Wheel Alignment Questions and Answers

  • What Are The Signs I Need An Alignment?

    If your vehicle pulls to one side, or your steering wheel is off center, or if you notice uneven tire tread, you may need an alignment. If your vehicle has all three of those signs, you definitely need an alignment.

  • What Causes Alignment Problems?

    In our region, potholes pose the biggest threat to your vehicle’s alignment. Other common road hazards like debris and curbs can also jar your wheels out of alignment along with regular wear and tear over long periods of time.

  • What Are the Different Types of Alignments?

    There are three categories of wheel alignment: a front end alignment which is typically recommended for older vehicles, a thrust alignment which is typically recommended for vehicles with beam or rigid rear axles, and four-wheel alignment which is typically recommended for four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles, or front wheel drive vehicles with independent suspensions.

  • If My Vehicle Is Vibrating, Do I Need An Alignment?

    Vibrating at higher speeds is not associated with alignment issues. If your vehicle is vibrating, the most likely culprit is improper tire balance, damaged wheels, loose suspension or steering, or excessive wear in the tie rods and ball joints.

  • Does Fat Boys Offer Heavy Duty Alignments for Trucks and Commercial Vehicles?

    The Fat Boys Commercial Truck Center in Cheyenne is one of the only places in the region that offers HD alignment service for multi-axle trucks, which diagnoses tread wear and patterns without unhooking trailers, allowing fleets to improve fuel economy, increase driver safety, and decrease tire costs.