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At Fat Boys Tire & Auto, you can count on expert advice, an honest deal, and quality work that’s done right the first time. Our reputation is backed by generations of loyal customers and hundreds of excellent reviews.

Fat Boys also offers a complimentary courtesy shuttle, with free pick-up and delivery service within a 10-mile radius of each store.

Fat Boys offers convenient online scheduling options with contact-free key drop off.

Fat Boys is proud to offer our customers clean stores, restrooms, and waiting rooms.

Fat Boys offers easy financing options for all repairs over $149.



Heating and Air Conditioning Questions and Answers

  • Does My Air Conditioning System Need Service?

    Along with blowing warm air, the common warning signs of trouble with your air conditioner are unusual odors and/or excessive noises coming from the vents.

  • Why Is My A/C Isn’t Blowing Hot Air?

    Blowing hot or stale air can be caused by a number of issues. Our climate control experts can diagnose your entire air conditioning system, inspecting drive belts, blowers, compressors, electrical wiring, and fans. Often, repairing leaks or adding refrigerants can fix the problem.

  • Does My Heating System Need Service?

    Along with blowing cool air, potential warning signs of trouble with your vehicle’s heating system include leaks or stains under the dashboard.

  • Why Is My Heater Blowing Cold Air?

    Blowing cool air can be caused by a number of issues. Our heating system diagnostic services include a thorough inspection of the blower, core, control valve, coolant levels, water pump, and thermostat to correctly isolate and repair any problems.

  • How Can I Avoid Problems With My Heating and A/C?

    Most newer vehicles typically won’t experience heating or air conditioning issues until after they’ve reached 60,000 miles. Regular vehicle maintenance is the best way to monitor any potential problems. As with most automotive repairs, ignoring or dismissing minor complications can lead to more aggravation in the future.